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Fireworks in Las Vegas over the strip

Las Vegas - 10 Things to Know Before You Go

Make your trip more fun!

Check out these tips from a pro

I’ve been to Vegas over 100 times for both business and pleasure.  Here’s my top 10 “know before you go” tips that may help make your trip a little better!

  1. Don’t waste time on a rideshare from the airport…They may or may not be cheaper and the rideshare area is a disorganized mess. The taxi area is more convenient and faster and fares are set to the strip hotels so no rip-offs by cabbies looking to increase the fare!  Up to date taxi set-fares can be found here.
  2. Save money by avoiding in-hotel sundry shops and in-room mini-bars. The latest trend at hotel stores is to implement demand pricing. On slow weekdays, a bottled water may cost $4.99 but on busy weekend days that price could jump to $6.99. After you’ve arrived, hit up one of the many Walgreen’s, CVS, or ABC stores for bottled water and snacks. Pro-tip: Vegas is HOT and DRY so drink plenty of water!
  3. Gaming is part of the experience and if you plan to gamble, be sure to sign up for a Players Card and use it each time you play. Not only are there perks for signing up, but you may gamble enough to get some, or all your hotel bill comped off. Once you have the account, stop by the front desk and ask them to add the account to your room folio, then at check-out ask to see if there are any comp dollars you can use to pay part/all of your bill.  Pro-tip: Never chase a comp – it will always cost you more than just paying a bill!
  4. Buskers, ticket hawkers or timeshare salespeople. The scourge of Las Vegas pedestrians! They are everywhere trying to get you to part with money. Put on your resting bitch face and walk on by. 
  5. Walking between resorts – The Strip is 4.5 miles long. Hotels are much further apart than what pics portray. Mandalay Bay may look close from your strip view room at Horseshoe, but it’s 100+ degrees out, enuf said. Walk indoors between hotels where possible, use the monorails or use cabs/rideshares.
  6. Cash – Plan for your needs, there are no national bank ATM’s convenient to the Strip and ATM fees in casinos are high. ($9.99 or more in some places!)
  7. Tipping – Vegas is the capital of tipping in the US. It is appropriate and expected to tip almost everyone that provides a service to you! 
  8. The real cost of a room – Resort fees are a nuisance and an unpleasant fact. Be prepared whether you booked an air/hotel package or just the hotel and paid in advance, they will charge the resort fee at the hotel and the website you book with should advise this up-front.
  9. Security Deposit – Use a credit card that will have enough open to buy to cover your expenses PLUS a nightly security deposit. All Las Vegas hotels will have them. This deposit can run between $25 -$150 per night. Barring any damage to the room, the deposit will be released back to you but expect it to take several days after you have checked-out for this amount to be back as “open to buy”. Do not use a debit card to check in, it will tie up your money for days and you will not have access to it while you are there! If you really want to pay by debit – at least put a credit card on your room at check-in, then switch to pay with the debit card at check-out.
  10. CHECK your hotel bill before you check out! Most hotels offer video bill review and check-out on your room’s TV. Check it thoroughly, mystery charges have been known to appear including items taken from a minibar or meal charges that you never incurred!  While it has happened to me on several occasions and it is a hassle, I have always been able to fix it during my stay or at check-out. (I check the billing each day to keep track of issues as they arise.)
  • Downtown Las Vegas crowd


  • High Roller on the strip in Las Vegas

    High Roller

  • Flower Chandelier at the Bellagio Hotel in las Vegas

    Bellagio lobby ceiling

  • Night view of the fountain Bellagio fountain show from The Strip, Las Vegas

    Bellagio Fountains

  • Downtown Las Vegas sign


  • Las Vegas Strip at night with Eiffel Tower and Bellagio Fountains

    The Strip at night